Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sarah Joy and our backyard project (unrelated!)

I have some updated pictures of Sarah Joy! On Saturday night we had a small shower for Carol - of course when it was originally planned we didn't know that Sarah would be joining us! She is still so tiny - everyone at the shower said she looks like a baby doll!
You can really tell how tiny is in the picture with the kids - this was last week - the first time they saw her.

We are having our backyard redone. They came on Monday and took out all the old concrete and mulch! Hopefully they are pooring the new concrete tomorrow! The major work is in the back, but they are also widening our driveway and replacing our front steps!
Here is a before picture.
And this is what is looks like right now - with all the concrete out!
Notice the climber set up in next to the diving board? The kids have been having fun sliding into the pool!

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