Thursday, May 29, 2008

Re: The Watermelon Gang

Here is a picture we took at my mom's house last Sunday. David & Steven spent the weekend at Grammy's house so they weren't there. The three of us were only there for a brief time (as it was potty-training weekend). Some of these kids are Moreno-side first cousins and the rest are my cousin's kids (I can never remember if that is second cousins or 1st cousins once removed)

Two years ago we had a picture of just the first cousins - quite by accident. They had lined up to eat their watermelon and it turned into a great photo op. This time we staged it, but it's a great way to get them all to sit and face forward!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Training Day!

We are in full throttle potty training around here! The boys are spending the holiday weekend at Grammy's house. Chris is opening our pool and helping with our friend's pool. And I am potty-training Becca! Yesterday started out pretty rough, but we had 3 successes in the evening - including #2! It's lunchtime and we are still in the same undies - YAHOO!
Here is my little miss in her Minnie undies -

And on the potty!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!

ETA - Becca is in bed and she was accident-free ALL DAY! AMAZING!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Enjoying spring

After a brutal March we had a lovely April around here! We have all been enjoying being outside as much as possible.
Here are a few highlights of our past few weeks.
On April 25th we had the opportunity as a family to go to downtown Detroit for a Compassion Day - it was part of the annual meeting for the Great Lakes District of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Rather than a day of seminars all the participants had the option of serving in 6 different locations around the city. Chris did some painting/handyman work at the Covenant Clinic - which provides free medical care for the uninsured. The kids & I went to Hope Community Church. Steven & Becca were cared for in the nursery while David and I joined the others in inviting people in the neighborhood to a free lunch and clothing giveaway! David and I were even able to deliver lunch to a woman that was home-bound. It was great to serve with David and good for both of us to be reminded that we have more than we need, when so many live with so little. We all met up in the afternoon and visited friends that live in the city - then we to a dinner and worship service for the annual meeting delegates. It was a long day, but great to be together as a family.
This is David and I in front of the church

The next day we celebrated spring birthdays with the Morenos.

We learned that Theo and Jessica are expecting a baby girl (mid-Sept)!

Last weekend I went with my friend Aimee to the 4th Annual Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit in Ft. Lauderdale. We are hoping to start an adoption/orphan care ministry at our church and this was a great resource and inspiration.
Our niece, Claire (10 months) had surgery on Monday for an enlarged kidney. She was released on Tuesday and seems to be recovering well. Thanks for all of you that prayed for her and her family!