Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My water baby!

Just had to show off our newest little swimmer! Each of the kids has gotten more comfortable with the water at an earlier age! Having a pool in our backyard means they get a lot of exposure to swimming. Becca seems to be the most fearless of the bunch and wants to do everything her big brothers are doing! She gets all around the pool just like this with her arm floaties and swim vest. She can climb up the ladder and down the ladder. She likes to jump in, but she can't really jump yet, so she kind of just steps in.
Here she is on the diving board!
More water fun! We spent a hot Monday at the Sprayscape! And of course she loved that too! She was moving so much I could only get a picture of her from behind!
And one more - I had to throw in a picture of her with her PIG TAILS! They make her look like a big girl!

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