Friday, July 06, 2007

Baby Update

This is for those of you who are keeping up with Baby Claire. I have no new pictures - I will try to work on that today. Susan was admitted into the hospital on Tuesday afternoon with postpartum hypertension - the same thing happened after Aidan's birth. She returned home yesterday and is doing better. Hopefully her blood pressure will stay down and she will have relief from headaches. Claire is doing great and from what I hear she is a hearty eater.

In other news, our good friends Keith and Carol had their baby girl on Tuesday the 3rd. She was born by C-section 4 weeks early as Carol went into the hospital on Sunday night with high blood pressure - it was preeclampsia and they had to deliver the baby to protect Carol's health. Sarah Joy is 4 lbs and is doing quite well. They are both still needing time at the hospital - Carol for recovering and Sarah to learn to eat. I guess she is breathing on her own and will eat, but can't seem to do both at the same time yet!

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