Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkins, Papa and a Praying Mantis

The boys spent the night last weekend with Nana and Papa and when they brought them home we carved pumpkins (we meaning Chris and David, mostly).
Here is David with his masterpiece -

Here is Papa enjoying his little pumpkin (with some interesting post-nap "bed head")

And here is the praying mantis that Steven discovered on our front porch. I have to admit, I was pretty amazed by it and I am NOT a bug person. With the help of the neighbor boy we captured it for a 24-hour period and David got to take it to school for show-and-tell!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

She Speaks

We officially have a "talker" (or should I say another talker)! The switch flipped for Rebecca this week and she is adding several words each day! Her main words are - baby, apple, cheese, bye-bye, Elmo, Nana, duck and of course - Mama, Dada, "Dadad" & "Steeee"! Taking the good with the bad, she has also learned "NO" and says it quite clearly and often.

Here is a picture of all of us at our church's Harvest Festival last week. The photographer took a bunch of just Rebecca that I have in print form, I am working on having him send me the digital file as they turned out so well! David is going to be a robot for Halloween Day, but we didn't think it would survive the bounce-house so we used his costume from last year for this event!

Friday, October 19, 2007

It's a Girl & "Look Ma, No Cast"

Our good friends Todd & Kinza had a baby girl on Wednesday! They have 2 boys so we were all hoping for a girl! It was so fun to get that phone call! It was a long labor (especially for #3), but everyone is doing well now! Her name is Eva Sharon and she was 9 lbs. 5 oz. I got to see her today for the first time! Can you believe all that beautiful HAIR!!!

In other news, Steven got his cast off yesterday! He has a brace that velcros off and on that he will wear when he's not sleeping or eating for the next few weeks! He was such a trooper!

Friday, October 12, 2007

The mystery of the pinkie toe!

Rebecca's pinkie toe has been bothering her for over a week now. When she bumps it or when we are putting her shoes on she will hold up her foot and say "Ow"! Last weekend, Chris noticed that it was quite swollen. I took her to the ped. on Monday and she thought it was probably broken. We went and had X-rays done and they did not show a fracture. So then I took her in later for some bloodwork (she did not make a peep!) to test for infection. So far the bloodwork has come back normal. I am going to call the ped. back on Monday to let her know if it seems to be getting better. We are thinking maybe a sprain???

Becca is starting to show a lot more interest in talking in the past week. Although she still doesn't initiate a lot of words, she has been repeating words a lot this week! It will be very interesting to see what it is like to have 3 kids talking to me at once!
Here she is reading her favorite book!

And here she is wearing her biggest brothers shoes (or "canoes" as Dad calls them).

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lessons from Steven

It's amazing what you can learn from a 4 year old!
Steven has done so well with having this cast. I really can think of only one time when he has complained at all in 2 weeks (and that was because it was getting itchy because it was hot out). Not only hasn't he complained, he does almost everything he could before and just works it out! It challenges me, because I think if the tables were turned, I would find quite a bit to complain about. He is reminding me that we can't control our circumstances, but we can control our attitude!
Then the other day, Steven and I were playing Candyland. He said to me "I want you to go first, because I love you more than me". Little did he know that he was living out one of the greatest commandments of God's Word, to "love your neighbor as yourself".

He did go for a recheck of his arm this morning. The Dr. said it is healing very well, but that he thought it should be re-cast for 2 more weeks for protection as it completes healing. Chris was able to talk him into a short-arm cast this time, so at least now he has more arm mobility!

Monday, October 01, 2007

What's a girl gotta do....

...to get her diaper changed around here? I was involved in a heated game of Crazy 8's with the boys and Becca was trying to let me know that she wanted a fresh diaper.
Now here she is cheezing for the camera! She's happy because Mom finally changed her!