Thursday, July 19, 2007

Interesting conversation - deep thoughts

For those of you who don't know us in "real life" - my David is quite the conversationalist! Not only does he talk A LOT - but you he can hold his own with adults when it comes to his reasoning skills and thought processes.
The other day he was saying that God could have made us any way he wanted, but he made us people (as opposed to robots, dogs, etc). I said, "Yes, and God chose to give you dark hair and dark eyes, why do you suppose he made you that way?". He didn't have an answer and so I suggested maybe it was so that he would look like Rebecca. So of course he replied "but what about Steven?". And then I explained that he and Steven were both born from my belly, but because Rebecca wasn't, it may be harder for her later in life, and that looking like her brother may make that all a bit easier. Which turned into quite a discussion about me not being her "real" mom and what is a "real" mom and what role does Rebecca's birthmother play in our lives! This is something that I think about from time to time. In a way right now, I feel that we are sort of living in a bubble. Rebecca's transition to our family was so seamless and right now she has no questions or thoughts about who she is and where she can from. That's what I mean about the "bubble". In the meantime, I try to educate myself about adoption issues. I have connected to other adoptive families and for those with kids that are old enough to hold conversations and ask questions about these issues - I hang on their every word to hear how they answer the questions, etc. The bottom line is that every child is different and responds differently to the realities of adoption. I pray for Rebecca that she will have not struggle with any of this, but am also aware that struggle is a part of life.
On a lighter note - this is what happens when the boys are getting restless in the summertime and haven't been able to swim all week because of the backyard project - ("after" pictures soon!) They were afraid to show me because they thought they would be in trouble! I thought it was hysterical!

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Anonymous said...

I think this might work, so now I can post again! :)David continues to amaze me. A thinker ~ I like that and a BIG heart. God has been with you every step of the way with Rebecca, so when the time comes when she starts to ask more questions ~ God will be there too.

Nice belly shot of the boys!