Wednesday, September 27, 2006


As much as I usually can't wait for a break in routine - right now I have to admit I am pretty content to just have a routine! We are all getting into the swing of things with the school schedule! Even though David only goes a 1/2 day it seems that we don't do a lot outside of getting ready for school, walking to school, etc.
David and Steven are both really enjoying school and are having a great time!
Here is a picture of the 3 kids last night before bed - can you tell who is the clown in this family????

And here is Rebecca - she will be 9 months old tomorrow! She is getting at least 2 more teeth right now and overall is being quite the trooper! She is on the special blanket that Gams made for her dedication.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rebecca update!!

Well the big news this week is that we finally received her Michigan Birth Certificate in the mail on Tuesday which means that she is officially Rebecca Christine Garvey - HOORAY!!!!!
Rebecca continues to be such a delightful baby! She is sitting up a lot of the time now - although she can't get to a sitting position on her own yet.

She is army crawling all over the place and just in the past few days she will push herself up on all fours! As soon as she can get up the step out of the family room, my life is going to change drastically!

She is also sporting pig tails from time to time! Can you see them? They are pretty tiny!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Big Kindergartener

Today was David's first OFFICIAL day of KINDERGARTEN!
He went for a 1/2 day yesterday, but the parents stayed with them and it was more like an orientation.
We have all been very excited! We are leaving soon to go pick him up (walking) so we can hear all about it!
Here are some pictures -
Here is the whole class yesterday

Here he is today when I first dropped him off

And here is David's first day for the past three years - do you think he has changed any???