Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gotta love grandparents!

We just had a week-long visit from Pop & Grandma Jane from Florida. They arrived last Tuesday afternoon and left today. We all had a great week. With David still in school (last day is Friday) my dad & I were able to volunteer for Field Day last Thursday and Jane & I went to class on Tuesday morning to help with "First Grade Camp". Aunt Pat & Uncle Ang came over for a day and we were also able to have a pool party with Darcy's family and Aunt Dee. Steven had 2 t-ball games while they were here and the boys went with Dad & Pop to see the Tigers play on Saturday afternoon.

Here they are at the Tiger's game.

Here is Grandma Jane making her famous banana pudding with Steven & Becca.

They brought me a book on making cupcakes - here's the fun one we created!

It's so wonderful when they come, but so hard to say goodbye each time!

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