Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers and Fireworks

I am a day late - but I want to say Happy Father's Day to my wonderful hubby! I love you and I love our family! Thanks for being an amazing daddy to our children. If you have been around Chris at all, you know that he ADORES his kids. Thank you for the security and stability that you provide our family. We also love that you are silly and fun and that you are so good at fixing things (the boys mention this a lot)! It's been so fun to watch you be a boy dad all these years and now to see you have a little girl - my heart melts when I see the two of you together!
Here he is with all 3 kids yesterday!

To prove how wonderful he is - case in point - Saturday evening I got the crazy idea to keep the kids up and drive over to see the fireworks. For some reason I was thinking they would start around 9:00, but they actually started at 10:10. We brought the DVD player and let them watch movies in the van until the show started. They all really enjoyed it and it was Becca's first time seeing fireworks. Hopefully we created a fun family memory - here's to a lifetime full!

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Brandi said...

That is the cutest pic of the kids with daddy!! What a great shot!

You mentioned Dawn. . what's her blog? I'd love to follow their jouney and be praying!