Friday, November 16, 2007

Rebecca's first "official" haircut

I took Becca to my hair-stylist this morning to get her first real haircut. I have been letting her bangs grow out, but finally decided that I couldn't stand them hanging in her face anymore. And keeping a barette in is just about impossible. So here is the before shot at home (kind of dark, I know, but you get the idea with the bangs).

She sat so well for Susanne! And of course she charmed everyone in the salon. I had her take a bit off of the back as well - just to get it evened up!

And here is the after shot!

And I just had to throw this one in too - I took this the other day!

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Anonymous said...

I needed a connection to home today! Great to see all the blogging, keep up the good work! We miss you. -Rich A.