Thursday, November 01, 2007


Wow - what a day we had! Chris actually went into work a little late, just to be able to help David get all set in his robot costume. Chris put A LOT of time and effort into this costume and it was just AWESOME!

David's school had a costume parade in the morning, so I got Steven & Becca in their costumes and Gup and Gams joined us to watch.

David only had a 1/2 day and right when he got home we left to take Steven to pre-school for his harvest party. Then we had trick-or-treating in the evening! We have a high-traffic sub, so it is quite an event around here! All the kids had a great time and were up well past their bedtimes!

Unfortunately, David woke up with an upset tummy and had to stay home from school today - he seems better now though and should be back at it tomorrow!

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Emily said...

Great costumes!