Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas letter - the answers!!!!!!!

Here are the answers to the "Garvey Family Christmas Quiz". If you haven't taken the quiz yet, please read the prior post before reading the answers in this post!

  • a. 4 - We started you out with an easy one, hopefully everyone got this right as the answer was in the letter!

  • b. 14 - they had to skip a few to go around some slower players in front of them. The second time they went they played all 18 holes - look out Tiger!

  • c. 70 - this was is a bit subjective as she has probably learned 20 more since we sent this out!

  • d. 30 - each way that is!

  • e. 300 - I actually kept track for a day! For the record, the eldest probably asked 2/3 of these! I realized that when he talks he produces more questions that he does statements!

  • f. 80 - I guess we could travel around the world in that time!

  • g. 103 - Special thanks to the grandparents that took care of our kids to make the whole trip possible! There are some pictures of our trip in the July archives! If you ever have the chance to visit this part of the world - we highly recommend it!

  • h. 18 - exactly! Big brother Aidan will be 3 in January - all the Baker clan is doing well!

  • i. 9 - this is a bit of a trick question as 2 of them are technically great aunt and great uncle - but they definetly qualify for grandparent status!

  • j. 20 - We may not be able to change a whole country, but we believe we can make a difference, one child or one family at a time - check out ,, &

  • k. 47 - this may have changed by the time you received the letter - so give yourself some grace on this one!

Grading Scale:

9-11 correct: Garvey Family Expert

If this is your score - you spend way too much time with us or way too much time on our blog!

5-8 correct: Garvey Family Groupie

If this is your score - you have probably had to endure a few too many episodes of listening to us tell you all our funny kid stories - see now it has actually paid off!

1-4 correct: Garvey Family Novice

If this is your score - we need to get to know you more!
Stick around and next year you too can be a Garvey Family Expert!

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kenzsethia said...

I'm somewhere between an expert and a groupie - I didn't officially score, but I knew most of this stuff! Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives!
The Neals