Sunday, August 05, 2007

Who could resist....

this smile?????
It seems like everyone lately has been commenting on how big Rebecca is getting. She has suddenly become a toddler and is changing so much! We realized about a month ago that she has stopped growling (which was most of her communication). She still isn't talking a lot, but she is getting much more verbal (and loud). She says "Ma" for both Chris and I. She says "num,num,num,num" if she sees something she wants to eat (she put away 2 hot dogs at dinner last night!). She also does a few animal sounds.
She loves to give this HUGE grin to anyone who will greet her and she loves to blow kisses - which could melt the hardest heart!
It has been interesting to see how little girls are different than little boys. Becca likes to imitate what I am doing - getting the towel to clean up a little spill, etc. She is also much more interested in babies than the boys ever were. If she sees a stroller or a baby carrier, she gets excited and points and wants to see the baby. She also likes to carry her baby dolls around the house.


Home sweet home said...

Her smile is beautiful !!!

Jaime said...

She is such a doll! I love her brings a smile to my face!