Saturday, August 11, 2007

The 1/2 matters!

David is officially 6 1/2! We went out to visit Grammy yesterday as she is recovering from foot surgery and we had a little cake and sang "Happy 1/2 Birthday to You"!
David has had a good summer. He has started playing with the neighbors kids much more this year and loves to be around friends. David continues to amaze us in the pool. He is such a good swimmer. He logged 12 hours of reading this summer (in 15 minute increments) for the library summer reading program. Only a few more weeks until 1st grade!

We finally got our patio furniture! This is a "so far" after picture, we still need to get an umbrella (this is the old one) and next summer we will add some big pots of flowers!

If you scroll down a few entries or so you can see the "before" pictures! We are looking forward to having lots of family meals on our patio for the rest of the summer.

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