Sunday, August 06, 2006


Welcome to our new blog! By popular demand, we have decided to keep on blogging! We will add pictures as well and will just maintain this as our family website!
We are all enjoying our summer! We have had lots of visitors and fun things to do. On July 19th we had Rebecca's readoption court appointment in Detroit. She legally came home as birth first name, birth middle name, Garvey Troesch. We applied for her delayed certificate of foreign birth. In a few weeks we should receive her Michigan birth certificate and she will legally be Rebecca Christine Garvey. Then we can apply for her Certificate of Citizenship, Social Security Number and US Passport (the paperwork continues!) While we were in Detroit we were able to visit Chris' new work site and also stop by SER Metro so they could all see the kids.
Of course, there has been a lot of swimming around here! David is learning to dive, Steven is swimming and jumping without his "floaties" and Rebecca loves the water too! Here are our swimming stars!


kenzsethia said...

Love the action shots and the princess floating! Cute! Glad you are continuing to blog!

Dorothy said...

Great idea for a new blog. I love the pictures! Rebecca looks adorable and so happy as usual. I can't believe Steven jumps in the deep end and David can dive!!

Maria said...

Very cute!!! Love the photo of Steven. He is getting so big!

Chris said...

Lisa here at work saw the picture of Steven and called him "skeleton man"...those boney ribs are a crack-up!