Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Big Preschooler

Steven's first day of preschool was yesterday! He has really been looking forward to it as he watched David go for the past two years. We went to open house last week and then Monday when I told him his first day of school was the next day, he announced that he didn't want to go! The next morning I discovered that he thought he was going to a different school, so once we got that sorted out - he was good to go! He was very excited about having "red juice" for snack and also gave mention to the painting, singing songs and play-doh!
Here is our pre-schooler!

Stay tuned next week for David's first day of kindergarten!

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Maria said...

He looks so grown up! I cannot believe it. Play Doh seems to be the favorite among three year pre-school attenders. :) Can't wait to hear about David's first day of Kindergarten!