Friday, August 18, 2006


What a week we have had around here! It all started last Wednesday when both the boys got sick within a half hour of each other. They were both sick all day long (which is better than all night long!). Then on Thursday Chris called late morning and said he was on his way home from work because he was sick. My dad and his wife flew in that afternoon (after getting caught up in the first morning of new airport security rules). Chris stayed in bed all day Friday and the rest of us were out and about. My dad woke up sick on Saturday morning. Rebecca was being dedicated at church on Sunday morning and we were planning to have family over the to the house after the service to celebrate. We decided Saturday afternoon to cancel the party. We still had the service on Sunday morning and it was wonderful. We were so blessed to have many family and friends surrounding us for the service. My dad was able to come for the dedication and then he returned to bed!
Here are some pictures from the day. Rebecca in her "pretty dress", the 5 of us up front and then most of our friends and family that came for the service!

By this past Wedesday everyone was feeling good. Thankfully it seemed to be a "male-virus" so none of the girls got sick.
We have been enjoying time with my dad and Jane! I will post more about our adventures next time!

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