Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our great FLORIDA adventure!

WOW! What a trip! Three kids - one van - 1200 miles (each way) - 12 days! Need I say more! Well, I will anyway!
We left on Friday afternoon the 8th and arrived in Orlando 18 hours later on Saturday morning. We spent the first part of our vacation with Grandpa Mike & Grandma Sheila at the condo! We did some swimming, some golfing, some playing and a little bit of relaxing!

We spent the afternoon and evening on Sunday at Downtown Disney to celebrate David's 7th birthday. We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and then David picked out a present at Legoland!

On Thursday we spent the day at the Magic Kingdom. Pop, Grandpa Mike & Grandma Sheila joined us and the boys, while Grandma Jane entertained Becca for the day back at the Villages.

It was David, Steven & Chris' first time at the Magic Kingdom. It was a REALLY fun day! We are glad that we waited until this year to take the boys, as they were just ready to appreciate it
and make it through the day!

Here we are on Dumbo. The boys two favorite rides were the Indy Cars and the Buzz Lightyear ride/game.

Steven & Grandpa Mike at the Philharmagic Show - the boys didn't look through the 3-D glasses for most of it, but the adults really liked it!

Here is the whole gang on the ferry headed back to the parking lot! It really was a beautiful and magical day!

We spent the last 1/2 of our trip with Pop and Grandma Jane at the Villages. We spent a day at Silver Springs, did some more swimming and golfing and went for rides in the golf cart!
A BIG thanks to both sets of grandparents for hosting our loud and rowdy crew!

We stopped in Atlanta on the way back to visit cousins and had lunch with friends in Lexington! It was a LONG drive home, but we made it and are getting back into our normal routines.


Carla said...

Hi Laura:

I'm a former student of Sheila's and would love to get in touch with her. I haven't seen her since 1999 and just heard she retired and moved to Hilton Head. Could you ask her to email me or pass on her email so that I can get in touch with her? You're blessed with a lovely family by the way!

Carla (Salvatore)Cardellio

Emily N said...

Sounds like a great trip. Glad you had fun and survived the time in your van.

Therese said...

What a wonderful trip, filled with family, fun, and adventure! A memory to last a glad it went well. Hope to see you soon! Therese