Monday, February 04, 2008

David's birthday - Part 1 & 2

Not sure why, but we always seem to be able to stretch everyone's birthday out and have multiple parties!

Friday night we had birthday dinner at Gup and Gams!
David still loves his Thomas trains (although I think it's a bit more about collecting at this point)
He also received the game Battleship! We've already played several times and he loves it!

Here are Becca and Claire (7 months)
Saturday night the Moreno clan came to our house - we celebrated Maximo's 10th, David's 7th and Che's 6th. Maximo brought over his new Wii and we all got to play!
The 3 birthday boys!
David got a Razor Scooter!

Mom & John are celebrating their 25th anniversary this month!
And here is what happened on Friday night right before we left for Gup and Gams house! Becca decided she needed to freshen up for the party! She's crying because I scolded her, but of course I had to get some pictures!

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Therese said...

What a lovely family you have!!! Thanks for sharing