Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blogging has it's advantages

Here is the text of the blog that I started writing earlier today - it set in motion a day long chain of was orginially titled "oops - he did it again"!
We are still waiting on the official X-ray results, but it appears that Steven has fractured his wrist. He was standing on the sit-and-spin (believe me, he's gotten "the lecture") and slipped and fell. It is the same wrist he fractured right before his 2nd birthday. Once again he has been a real trooper. There is a chance that what they saw in the X-ray could be the old break, so they are comparing the results today. They went ahead and put a splint on his arm to be on the safe side!
Here he is this morning -

So then as I went to post this picture of him in the splint when he was almost 2 - I look at the picture and realize that it is NOT the same wrist that he fractured before!
I called Chris freaking out about it. When I calmed down, I decided to call the pediatrician's office. At this point we realize that it is definetly not the old break they were seeing as it was the other wrist. So they told me I needed to come into their office to have it looked at. But before I came I needed to go to Urgent Care and pick up the X-rays (isn't there technology now to make this happen more easily). So I took Steven and Rebecca to the Urgent Care to get the films. Then Gams came over because I had a dentist appointment for me (that I had already rescheduled once). I got back just in time to pick up Steven and head over to the peds office to have them look at the X-rays and say "Yes, it's fractured" and give me a referral for the orthopedics. They said they would call the ortho office to make an appointment and call me back. As I am almost home, they call on my cell and say that they need me to come there within the next 1/2 hour, otherwise I have to wait until Monday. So I run in and ask Gams if she can stay until Chris gets home (a friend had already agreed to pick up David from school). It's about a 25 minute drive to where the ortho office is. We made it and they put the cast on quicker than I could fill out the 5 pages of paperwork. My poor Steven is not real happy about the cast. Last time they were able to do it below his elbow, but at this age they had to do it above, so that he doesn't try to pull it off! We go back in 2 weeks to check it - hopefully it will be healed enough to not have to do 2 more weeks!
So now here is Steven with his cast tonight and then in his cast 2 1/2 years ago!


kenzsethia said...

He certainly doesn't look unhappy :). On the bright side, it's not the hottest part of summer! I am sure he will be a trooper. Sounds like a crazy day!

Emily said...

Poor guy! We haven't had to deal with fx's yet. I say yet b/c Davis is our injury child.

TheHappyNeills said...

I'm lovin' your blog! CUTE kids, CUTE stories! Our boy broke his arm when he was 19 months old! :( NOT fun, but those little guys sure are troopers like you said! I'll be sure to go back and read up on your adoption process!