Tuesday, February 10, 2009

David's Birthday

Today my oldest child turned 8! It is so hard to imagine that 8 years have gone by already! David is an amazing child! He is so fun to be with! He started feeling crummy yesterday and had a fever and bad cough by the time he got home from school. He was supposed to have his first swim meet last night, but we decided he was too sick to participate. He also missed school today and has not felt well all day. The bonus was that he got to spend some time with Nana today and he got to play Life with mom while Steven was at school and Becca was sleeping! Last Saturday we had his family party. It was a Mystery Party. Everyone had to enter the house with a special knock. They were then given their Secret Agent Name for the day. We served a Mystery Lunch. There were 3 courses of 5 items each, including beverages and utencils. Each person had to order 5 items for each course, without knowing what they were ordering. Then we had a treasure hunt to find David's presents hidden around the house and he also had to solve clues to figure out who they were from. Our wonderful friend's the Ruarks let us borrow the Wii for the weekend, so we had some fun with that too! Here are some pictures and some videos.

Singing to David

Seeing what everyone "ordered"

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Jaime said...

Happy Birthday David!