Saturday, December 06, 2008

Thanksgiving trip to Florida!

We packed up the van buckled in the kids and headed south! We made it down there in 17 hours - we left at 4pm and pulled in the driveway at 9am. Then we unleashed the kids on the grandparents and took a nap!
We stayed with my dad (Pop) and his wife (Grammy Jane) for a full week! We had a great time and throughly exhausted the grandparents in the process!
Here are some pics from the week!

Yes, they are on the roof of Pop's house. Chris was helping hang the Christmas lights and they wanted to see what it was like up there!

The kids helped decorate Pop and Grammy Jane's Christmas tree

Here is all of us at our Thanksgiving meal. It was SOO yummy! We had a special day!

Yes, we actually played shuffleboard - the boys really got into it!

We opened Christmas presents with Pop and Grammy Jane on Thanksgiving Day.

The boys playing games - they really got into Uno and Yahtzee

The traditional picture of the kids with Pop and Grammy Jane - does Jane look a little tired? She was!
We were not really looking forward to driving home - it's always more exciting on the way! There was supposed to be bad weather possible all the way through, but fortunately we had smooth sailing (except for the traffic around Atlanta!). We left at 2:30pm - the kids got out of the van twice to go to the bathroom - Chris and I had one extra bathroom stop - they all slept about nine hours and we were home at 9:00am! I highly recommend this mode of travel - the more they are asleep the easier it is!
It was a great vacation! Thanks Dad & Jane for everything!


Jaime said...

It sure looks like you all had a great trip! You also made for some great timing.

Sarah said...

We would highly recommend the night time travel as well. We've made trips to NY and to VA like that - tried for one to the far east corner of TN last summer... it was a 2 day trip - and by the time we got there EVERYONE was ready to climb the walls, trees, or anything just to get that numb butt feeling out! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Garvey's!