Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fall Highlights - Part 2

Whew! We survived what has now become the "Halloween Season". Chris and I figured out that we put the boys in their costumes for 6 events in the past few weeks!
Here we are a few nights ago, carving pumpkins. This was the first year David put his hands in the "goo" - of course Becca had no hesitation whatsoever!

Yesterday was a BIG day. The boys had a 1/2 day of school which included Halloween parties and a costume parade. Luckily it was unseasonably warm and the boys were able to play outside for the afternoon. By 5:00 they were completely wired and thought the fun would never start. We get A LOT of kids at our house, in fact, people drive into our sub to trick-or-treat. I wouldn't be surprised to see buses start pulling in here in the next few years. We started a tradition last year of giving out pizza slices and cider along with our candy. It's fun because people hang out and chat and it's a chance to connect with our neighbors (and the rest of the town that comes to our sub). The kids LOVE it and they have just as much fun passing out candy as they do going around to collect it!

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