Saturday, October 04, 2008

Playing in the rain, grapes & kissing cousins

I guess it's already been a month since my last update! I don't know where the time goes! It's amazing that a day can go so slowly, yet the months seem to just fly by!
The second weekend in September it rained ALL weekend! The kids were getting major cabin fever. On Sunday evening I suggested we go to McDonalds for dinner to get some energy out (of the kids that is). Although it was raining it was really warm out. Chris suggested that the kids get in their swimsuits and go out and play in the rain. He threw in making pancakes and they voted for the rain over McDonalds!
Here they are - they stomped in puddles, rode their bikes in the rain (David needed goggles) and Chris put out a tarp to make our own slip and slide!

Last Saturday the kids and I went to Grammy's for the afternoon for day one of making grape jelly. We picked the grapes, washed them and sorted them. Then we crushed and cooked them and strained out the juice. Grammy canned the juice and the boys will make the jelly later this winter!

Aidan & Claire were there as well and we got some kissin' cousins pictures.

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