Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Steven is FIVE!

That's right - our "little" Steven is now 5 years old! For our family 5 is the magic year when you get to have a "friend" party. All the festivities started on Friday evening with a bowling party. I asked Steven to pick a charity that his friends could donate to for his birthday. He picked the Humane Society. So his friends brought dog treats and used stuffed animals to donate to our local shelter.

Then on Saturday we had the Garvey side over + Nana. The theme was dogs and cats. We had a hot dog bar and tuna sandwiches, along with scooby snacks and puppy chow. Grammy made a great cake with dogs on it! We had the warmest day of the year so far and it was great to be outside! Steven got an automatic baseball pitcher, so it was great that he could be outside trying it out!

The three littlest cousins playing in the backyard!

Here is Steven playing baseball

Yesterday was Steven's "acutal" birthday. We went out to dinner at Big Boy's as they were having a fundraiser for David's school. Steven devoured a strawberry belgian waffle and we even got to see Scooby Doo! After dinner the 5 of us went to Glo-Golf!


Jaime said...

Happy Birthday, Steven! I love the pictures and the birthday theme! What a neat idea for the party and also to donate to the Humane Society.

Angel said...

OH MAN!!! I WISH I COULD GO!!! That sounds SO AMAZING!!! I would love to be at that. Angel