Thursday, October 25, 2007

She Speaks

We officially have a "talker" (or should I say another talker)! The switch flipped for Rebecca this week and she is adding several words each day! Her main words are - baby, apple, cheese, bye-bye, Elmo, Nana, duck and of course - Mama, Dada, "Dadad" & "Steeee"! Taking the good with the bad, she has also learned "NO" and says it quite clearly and often.

Here is a picture of all of us at our church's Harvest Festival last week. The photographer took a bunch of just Rebecca that I have in print form, I am working on having him send me the digital file as they turned out so well! David is going to be a robot for Halloween Day, but we didn't think it would survive the bounce-house so we used his costume from last year for this event!

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Jaime said...

How adorable! This is such a cute pic of the family. So glad to hear about "miss talky-talk"...Lincoln knows a handful of words but he still babbles and once in a while will throw in his words. Have a great halloween!