Thursday, June 07, 2007

Field Trip!

Today David's class had a field trip to a local farm. Thanks to Gams, I was able to go with David. It meant a lot to me, as I have not been able to be very involved with his class this year, with two others at home!
It was a great day - but let me just say - 90 degrees, 100 kindergarteners, a bus ride and 4 hours at the farm! I've been home for 5 hours and I'm still exhausted!
I got to witness several firsts for David! He rode a horse, fed a goat and pig from a bottle and milked a cow! We even went on a short hayride!
Here are some pictures!

A couple other fun things this week!
Here are Rebecca and David enjoying the pool!

This is Rebecca at the Moms 4 Community picnic! It rained the whole time, but we decided to just make an adventure of it! I think my little princess may have some tom-boy in her!

Steven had his last day of pre-school this week! Here he is with his teachers at their celebration picnic yesterday! He had so much fun with school this year and I am amazed at how far he has come!

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