Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Steven's birthday, Easter and a visit from Pop and Grandma Jane!

Wow! What a week it was around here!
It all started on Sunday the 1st. We celebrated spring birthdays at Nana and Papa's house. Here is a rare shot of all seven grandchildren.

Steven received a pair of roller skates from his cousins as an early birthday present. We went home that afternoon to try them out! He didn't know what to do at all at first, but after a bit he started to get the hang of it.

Later that evening Pop and Grandma Jane arrived for the week. It was nice and warm on Monday and Tuesday and then the cold snap settled in on us for the rest of their visit. Grandma Jane was excited about the snow - but the rest of us were not "dreaming of white Easter"!

We had a fun week with them - here we are decorating Easter eggs.

We had a big family dinner on Saturday night at Gup and Gams to celebrate Easter and Steven's birthday. We can hardly believe he is already 4! Steven tends to be our "quiet" one when we are out - but he can chat up a storm at home. He loves to laugh and be silly, he loves to write words and to color, he loves anything that involves a ball, and he has a smile that can just melt your heart!
Here is Steven with his sports cake made by Grammy.
Here is a picture of the Garvey grandchildren the evening of the party.
On Sunday we did an Easter egg hunt in the house, Easter baskets, church and went out to dinner for Steven's birthday. Pop and Grandma Jane left on Monday. It was a great week!

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