Friday, October 06, 2006

And She's OFF!!!!!!!

Yes that's right - Rebecca is officially MOBILE!!!!!!
She has mastered getting up the stair from the family room to the kitchen this week and she is also pulling up on things she can reach! So now we are having to make sure the basement and bathroom doors are closed and keep the entire main floor baby-proofed at all times!

The boys are doing well too! We all have a bit of a cold this week! Steven missed school on Tuesday (had a fever too) and then yesterday we went on a field trip to the Wayne Police Station with his pre-school class.
Today is Spirit Day at David's school - so I bet you can guess how he was dressed!
We are also rooting like crazy for the Tigers!!!!!

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Maria said...

Go Blue!!!!!!
Go Tigers!!!!!
I'm so excited about both. What a great weekend for Michigan sports. . .if only the Lions could. . .let's not push it!

Very exciting about Rebecca. Soon she will be chasing after David and Steven.